Four Ways to Find Your Signature Scent

Signature Scent- For both men and women, there is a lot more that goes into a look than just the clothes you wear. A complete look can include things such as hairstyles, jewelry, makeup, shoes, and a purse or handbag. But there is one thing many people overlook when planning an outfit—your sweet perfumes or cologne. While this may not seem like an item of concern, your scent can say a lot about you and leave a lasting impression on those around you.

The tricky part is choosing the correct one. Walk into any department or cosmetics store, and you will see the enormous wall of sweet perfumes for both men and women that can genuinely be very overwhelming. Where does one even start?

We will give you four tips to help you find the signature scent that will leave a lasting impression on those around you.

Here are tips to help you find the signature scent:

Whose Idea Was This Anyway?

Everyone wants to smell clean and fresh, but where did the idea for cologne or perfume come from to start with? Fragrances are commonly associated with the Egyptians, as they would use scents to send messages and prayers to those who have passed on, to purify a body after passing, and for embalming ceremonies. Over time, these scents became part of a daily hygiene process.

The main ingredients, which were traded amongst different lands, came from fine woods, scented resins, myrrh, and incense. Eventually, the Greeks also began to use scents for more than just religious practices, evolving into the cosmetic nature that it is seen as today

Today, many individuals use cologne or sweet perfumes. And with smell being the most powerful sense a human has, it is understandable why it evolved into such an important aspect. Scent can play a role in many different parts of our life, including mood, stress, and working capacity. It can boost a person’s self-esteem while simultaneously leaving a lasting impression on strangers. But how can you be sure that you are choosing the best scent for you?

1. Don’t Overdo It

One easy mistake to make when you are looking to find your perfect scent is trying too many scents at once. While it may not seem like it, your olfactory senses can easily get overwhelmed if you smell too many sweet perfumes.

Starting with four or five different scents will keep you from experiencing nose blindness, where you can not smell properly. Also, a great tip, if you are smelling out new scents, is to smell coffee beans in between scents. Coffee beans are a nasal palate cleanser, letting you try out each fragrance with somewhat of a “fresh” nose.

2. Skip the Test Strip

It may seem like the best idea – spray the sample scent on a strip instead of your skin or clothes, then waft to the sample. In reality, this is not a very good way to get a clear smell of the fragrance. If you are starting out, you can use the test strips to spray a few different scents, but give the test strip a minute or two to dry before smelling and making your judgment.

Allowing the fragrance to dry before smelling will allow the different scents to settle, leaving them less harsh and distinctive. Once you find several that you enjoy on the test strip, it is time to test them on your skin. Everyone has different skin, meaning one perfume may smell completely different from person to person.

After sampling the fragrance on your skin, you can leave the shop to see how the fragrance develops, how long it lasts, and whether you really enjoy it. This will also keep you from making any quick decisions, which could leave you with buyer’s remorse.

3. Test and Retest

Once you think you have found the perfect scent, do not be quick to pull the trigger and immediately purchase. Try testing out the scent several times, even wearing it in different weather. Fragrances typically come with a higher price tag but can last for a long time based on how frequently you use them.

So take your time to make sure you are making the best decision. Another great tip is to ask the store associate if there are any small samples available that you could take home. This keeps you from taking multiple trips to the store for reapplication.

4. Skip the Trends

Every day our minds are infiltrated with commercials and advertisements for different colognes and sweet perfumes. It is easy to get caught up in the name brand or designer of the fragrance, but try to go in with an open mind.

Instead of just going with what you know, try something new! You may surprise yourself. Also, never purchase perfume based on someone else’s thoughts or words. Your purchase should be based on whatever makes you feel confident and strong.

Final Words:

While searching for a new signature scent is not easy, that does not mean it has to be a complete chore. Venture outside of your comfort zone, and you may be surprised at what you decide is the proper scent to represent you!



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