Exploring the Differences Between Foil Screen Printing and Metallic Ink Screen Printing  

When it comes to custom jacket printing or any apparel customization, there are a number of choices in terms of printing style and effects that can be achieved. Two of the options available are screen foil printing and metallic ink screen printing. You might think both are the same or achieve the same effect, but they are different techniques and each has their own appeal to catch the eye and a metallic touch to the design. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

What you get with metallic ink screen printing

Metallic inks are a way you can add some shimmer to the design of your garments. You can feel it slightly when you touch the design but it is not overly obvious and they are long lasting. This option is a nice way to add elegance to a design and is very versatile. The ink itself is infused with metallic particles adding a sheen that is reflective when applied. It can be used in even more detailed images and will work on any fabric.

You can use a customized jacket of any kind and achieve all kinds of metallic colors, from the more classic and popular type like gold to something more diverse. It leaves behind a smooth finish rather than standing out from the fabric of the garment.

What you get with foil printing

When you choose the technique of foil screen printing the design is first printed on and then the foil part is added later. A special glue is applied, the foil is stuck on and the heat press is used to make sure it seals on. The results stand out and rather than using metallic particles in an ink, actual thin metallic foil is used to create the look you are going for.

The application process ensures the union between the foil and the fabric is seamless. When using this for custom jacket printing it only works on certain fabrics so you need to make sure the garment is the right type. It is also used on paper and cards for printed materials.

There is a wide range of colors and hues that can be achieved to create captivating images and text. The feeling of the foil is more obvious, it is a reflective and smooth surface. Some like the tactile element this adds to the garment.

Choosing between them

When you are creating a customized jacket whether you choose foil printing or metallic ink depends on your personal preference and what you are trying to achieve. It also depends on the fabric of the garments you are printing onto. Metallic ink is more versatile across fabrics and leaves a smooth finish that is not as noticeable between that and the texture of the fabric. Foil printing gleams more, has a more tactile and obvious finish, and is more limited to what fabrics it works on. Talk to your printer to see what they think would work best.


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