What Are The Requirements For Continuing Engineering Education?

The primary objective of continuing education is to satisfy the professional development hours (PDH) and restore the engineering license. Professional engineers continue their education to broaden and enhance their existing engineering skills. It develops new and pertinent engineering abilities in them.

Now and then, new technologies are developed in the field. As a result, the engineering profession highly values resuming education. engineering continuing education can assist in understanding how to adjust to the field’s recent tools, developments, technologies, and regulations.

PEs must understand why new modifications are produced and how they are made in the field. Engineering continuing education is the best way to comprehend such developments, and you can gain more knowledge.

Mandatory PDH Credits:

In every renewal term, the professional engineers must finish 30 PDH. they must obtain CE credits in engineering ethics and professional conduct from the state engineering board. And 15 credits can be carried over to the following renewal cycle.

The study of ethics helps engineers uphold and expand their moral standards while carrying out their work. Additionally, professional conduct education gives PEs the tools they need to keep a professional attitude when they pursue their careers.

Engineers must present completion certificates to receive continuing education credits mandated by the state board. As a result, they must preserve records of their continuing education activities for two years.

PDH credits:

The Professional Licensing Bureau for Engineers and Land Surveyors requires PEs to complete 2 PDH. And for states like Iowa, the ethics subject has to be a part of the compulsory hours.

According to the state engineering board, accepted CE is the education a candidate receives to retain, enhance, or develop abilities and proficiency acquired before original clearance or to obtain new and relevant skills. The board divides the credits into Group 1 and Group 2 activities.

Group 1 Activities

There are restrictions on the total hours that may be spent in different course areas for Group 1 activities. They are meant to retain, enhance, or develop skills and information acquired before the original license. Following is a list of Group 1 activities and the ultimate PDHs that can be earned for every renewal term.

  • 5 PDH for Engineering curriculum courses
  • 10 PDH for Basic Science and Mathematics
  • 10 PDH for Humanities and social sciences
  • 10 PDH for Engineering sciences

Group 2 Activities

These contain postgraduate engineering science, new technology, postgraduate engineering design, environmental restriction, and engineering management courses. These activities are not subject to any time restrictions.

Renewal Dates:

The renewal dates vary. For instance, in IOWA, professional engineers must renew their licenses on 31st December. The time of the original permit determines the date of renewal. When the approvals are granted in an odd-numbered year, they expire in the next even-numbered year.

It is vital to remember that candidates must have earned 30 PDH units before the end of the two-year renewal term. Varied activities associated with the management, technical, and ethical facets of engineering practice are included in the educational courses.

The activities must enhance and expand the engineer’s knowledge and abilities. All professional engineers must also maintain records of their finished CE for two years, which is a binding obligation.

What Are The Advantages?

Here are the top reasons that explain why continuing education is pretty important.

  • Boosts Your Salary
  • Enhances Your Marketability And Vision
  • Technical Competence
  • Job Contentment
  • Enhances Personal Growth
  • Maintains Your Interest


Continuing education for PE can help you enhance your career and boost your technical competency. You can get job satisfaction and be up to date about the latest developments in various engineering fields.



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