Did you know that in Florida, it is mandatory to have car insurance with basic coverage for third parties? In the event of an accident, the minimum coverage covers compulsory civil liability, that is, injuries and material damage caused to third parties. From there, it is advisable to include additional coverage to operate your vehicle with greater peace of mind. We want to emphasize that it is forbidden for a car to circulate without insurance.

Consequences of driving without insurance:

It can entail economic sanctions such as those mentioned and other problems such as your vehicle being immobilized, assuming financial responsibility in the event of damage to third parties, and the cost of legal proceedings (if any), etc.

Economic sanctions.

Although there is no criminal penalty for driving without car insurance, you can be charged for your first offense between $500 to $2000, depending on the vehicle type and license the user does not have.

Driving without insurance is driving without anyone to help you, and assume that we will bear all possible expenses. If you are in an accident and are not covered by insurance, you become responsible for the accident even if you did not cause it.

Initially, the damages caused to third parties will be borne by the Insurance Compensation Consortium, indemnifying those third parties. But that amount will be claimed by the Consortium from you later. It should also be remembered that the rest of the drivers also “pay” for it: the mandatory insurance premium has a surcharge of $3.5 that goes to the Insurance Compensation Consortium so that it can cover the expenses generated by the vehicles. Driving without insurance, in addition to being reckless, is unsupportive.

Immobilized car due to driving without insurance.

If you are pulled over by law enforcement after committing an infraction, and they verify that the car does not have a policy, they will immobilize your vehicle.

You have no legal defense.

If an accident leads to legal proceedings and you are uninsured, you must pay for an attorney. Legal defense is covered by insurance if you are insured at the time of the accident. Still, without insurance, you will have to pay the fees of lawyers and solicitors unless one is appointed ex officio.

Your driving record will be stained.

If you wait until after you’ve been in an accident to apply for car insurance, you may find it harder to find good coverage at an affordable price.

Expenses to pay if you have an accident without insurance

Some of the costs you will have to pay if you have an accident without insurance include the following:

  • Medical bills for injuries caused in an accident. Your personal property can be seized if you cannot assume the debt (since it is usually a very high amount).
  • Costs related to damage to the road caused by the accident
  • Fines for driving without the mandatory minimum insurance. If a driver operates a vehicle without insurance, the authorities will immobilize him and apply an economic penalty of up to $2500.
Within the policy, there are three central figures.

These include the policyholder, the owner of the vehicle, and the driver. These three figures can be the same person but could be three separate people. Several drivers may be declared in the policy so that they are covered in the event of an accident.

The main driver and the occasional ones that appear in the insurance are protected according to the contracted coverage. Even if a person does not drive the vehicle as much, he can operate the vehicle with peace of mind, as he will be covered in the event of an accident.

People often need help deciding whether to put a child who has just obtained their driver’s license as an occasional driver. Insurance companies often increase the premium in these cases due to the risk they assume when insuring a new driver with little experience behind the wheel. However, the people who drive the car must be covered by insurance.

As you may have seen, there are many reasons and advantages when taking out car insurance beyond complying with the law. In any case, remember that it is mandatory for everyone and in any circumstance. Adhere to the law and your civic responsibility by purchasing car insurance.

At Young America Insurance, we recommend that you always travel with insurance since the repercussions (not only economic) can be severe if you suffer a mishap. Visit our website to compare our affordable policies so you can operate your vehicle without concern.



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