How to Choose Hair Toppers Based on Your Face Shape

Human hair toppers have become a popular fashion item. You can find them in many girls’ wardrobes. Barbie blonde, elegant brunette, gorgeous curls, beautiful highlights… a hair topper can bring any possibilities to a girl by adding hair on top. However, you may find that some of the toppers look weird on you, or they are not satisfying enough. This has something to do with your face shape.

No leaves are the same on the earth and face shapes can vary from person to person. Your hair topper can provide you with a perfect look as long as you match it properly with your face shape.

Figure out your face shape

1. Take a picture

Tie all your hair back to show your entire face. Close beautifying effects that can change your face shape and take a selfie. Make sure the camera is level with your face; otherwise, the result can be inaccurate. Use the paintbrush on your phone to outline your face shape and compare it to shapes like rectangle, oblong, square, round, etc.

2. Take a quiz

1. The middle point of your hairline extends towards your eyebrows and forms a small angle.

If your face curve is smooth, you have a heart-shaped face. If the opposite, your face is rectangular.

2. There’s an apparent protrusion on your jawline.

If the outline of your face looks like a swollen pear, you probably have a triangular face shape. The center of your hairline should extend outward, and your chin will be round and unobvious. Your cheekbone should be wider than your forehead as well. If your jawline seems to be more angular, you are a person with a square face shape.

3. Nothing above works out for you

If your forehead is the broadest part of your face, your chin is the smallest area, and your face curve is smooth, your face shape is an upside-down triangle. The most outstanding feature of a diamond face shape is its protruded cheekbone. People with such a face shape will find their cheek to be the widest area of the face. Their chins are angular and clear to see. Besides, the center of their hairline extends outward very obviously.

4. No answer was found above

If the length of your face is nearly twice its width and the distance between your temples seems as wide as that of your cheekbones, you have an oblong face shape. If your face length doesn’t surpass your face width that much, your jaw is broad, your jawline is smooth, and your cheekbone is the broadest part, then your face is in a circle shape. If not, your face shape is oval.

5. Take a look

Open TikTok and choose the face shape filter. This filter is a dynamic model launched by Fenty Beauty that can follow your face even if you turn your head left or right a bit. This is the most direct and the fastest way to know your face shape. Switch among the nine shapes to find your exact type. You may accord with more than one shape. Don’t worry! Believe in yourself and find the best fit at the present moment.

Hair Toppers

Pick up the right topper

1. Oblong and rectangle

A narrow width and an extended length of your face make your chin prominent. Your forehead is typically as wide as your cheek. An oblong face has a soft chin and smooth jawline while a rectangular face has a square and angular jaw and the curve from its forehead to jaw is uneven. Slightly different as they are, the way to choose a suitable hair topper for these two types is the same.

The ideal hairpiece for them should be something that can balance the length and the width, making the face more harmonious horizontally and vertically. Mid-length hair toppers that touch the collarbone work the best. Avoid hair units that end right at your chin. Making it between your chin and your shoulder will be better.

Bangs can help shorten your appearance as well. The principle of these few tips is to shorten your face length. In addition, you can cut short layers around your cheekbone to add dimension and balance out the length. Waves and loose curls can extend your face width visually.

2. Heart and upside-down triangle

Wide at the forehead and temples and a narrow chin are common features of these two face shapes. While a heart face shape has a widow’s peak and the cheekbone is pointed, the inverted triangle has no peak and is slightly shorter in width. Chin-length hair toppers with layers can balance the forehead width with the rest of the face. They add volume to the jawline and the chin, thereby drawing attention downward.

A bob hairstyle and long wispy fringes can flatter the two face shapes well by narrowing the forehead and framing the face. Avoid hair toppers with heavy density on the top. Such hairpieces can emphasize the width of your forehead and make your hair look bulky.

3. Diamond

A diamond-shaped face features wide cheekbones, a small chin, and a narrow forehead. Hair toppers that soften angular parts and widen the chin and the forehead are ideal choices. Hair toppers with loose waves or curls that fall around the jawline can soften the angle of the cheekbone and add volume to the lower part of the face, creating balance.

Side-swept bangs can help to create an illusion of width at the top part of the face, balancing out the narrower forehead. Make sure to pick up hair toppers with enough hair to guarantee this hairstyle. Medium to high density will work out well.

4. Circle

A round face is symmetrical with no angles. Cheekbones and chin are not obvious on a round face, and the jawline is soft and rounded. The goal for such a face shape is to minimize the appearance of width either by increasing the face length or decreasing the width per se.

The easiest way is to choose a long hair topper that provides fullness and height at the crown. This can complement the round parts around the cheek and elongate your face visually. If you want to adjust your face shape horizontally, try hair pieces with framing layers which can lessen your face width and add angles.

5. Square

The square face shape is similar to the circle shape except for its wide and angular jaw. Its jaw has a sharp angle, and the jawline is pronounced. Opting for a wavy style can soften the strong angles of your face, but remember to avoid large, bouncy curls. Instead, choose straight styles and loose waves that surpass your jawline. Longer hair toppers that fall on or pass your shoulders are the best. Hair units that hit the jawline will maximize your angular jaw and make you look less flattering.

6. Oval

An oval face is characterized by a narrow, rounded chin and forehead, and cheekbones that sit nice and high. This face shape is regarded as the perfect one. It has proportional features with no prominent characteristics. In this case, people with an oval face can look gorgeous with almost any hair topper. If you are the lucky dog, the choice is yours!

7. Triangle

A hair topper that adds volume on top or at the crown can help create balance for a triangular face. Look for hair toppers with layers that frame your face near the cheekbones, drawing attention upward. Lengths that fall below the chin can also help soften the wide jawline.

Final words:

When trying on different hair toppers, always take into account your personal style and comfort as well. Ensure the base size of the topper fits comfortably and blends seamlessly with your natural hair, and the color matches your roots or overall hair hue. A professional consultation at a local salon or on a trustworthy website specializing in hair toppers for women like Superhairpieces can assist you in finding the best match.


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