Can I Power My Whole House With Solar Panels?

Are you feeling restless by taking care of high electricity bills per month? Are you environment-friendly and want to reduce your carbon impression? Do you wish to have some trustworthy and sustainable power for your home? If you answer yes, there is no wonder that you might have an exact approach to changing the power of your whole house with Solar Panels. Solar Panels are cutting-edge innovation gadgets that convert Daylight into power.

With the technology advancement and public mindfulness PV panels are becoming a more famous and sustainable source of energy for your home or business. This guest post will assist you with how feasible it is to convert power to your whole house with Solar Panels. What is their usefulness? And what challenges can you face by converting your whole house to PV panels?

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Power My Whole House?

You can calculate the number of solar panels you need to meet the power needs of your whole house. The number of solar panels you need depends on these several factors, such as:

The power output of the solar panel

The power is estimated in watts (W) and shows the viability of the power creation of a solar panel under standard test conditions. Their power might vary from 100 W to 400 W, depending upon the quality and size of your panel. The richer the power output is, the lesser the panel’s requirement to produce a similar measure of energy.

The solar irradiance in your location

This is estimated in kilowatt-hours per square meter each year (kWh/m2/year) and measures how much light shows up in a particular area in the whole year. The sunlight-based irradiance in Ireland changes from 900 kWh/m2/year in the north to 1,100 kWh/m2/year in the south. The higher the Sun based irradiance is, the more energy your sun-oriented PV boards can create.

The orientation of your roof

It shows the openness of Daylight to your Solar Panels and how proficiently they can produce electricity. The optimal orientation for solar panels in Ireland is south-facing, and this maximizes the exposure to the sun the whole year. The ideal angle for sunlight-powered chargers in Ireland ranges somewhere in the range of 30 and 40 degrees, accordingly, this guarantees the best harmony between Summer and Winter execution.

The shading and obstructions on your roof

These factors not only reduce the Sunlight but also be the reason for their lower output. You should not install your panels in shady areas especially under trees, buildings, chimneys, or other such objects, especially for the peak hours of energy production ( between 10 AM and 4 PM).

The system losses and inefficiencies

The efficacy of your panels is affected by wiring, inverters, batteries, temperature, dust, and aging. They minimize the amount of electricity production of your panels. The typical system losses and poor energy production of a Solar system are approximately 20% in Ireland.

What Are the Benefits of Powering Your Whole House With Solar Panels?

Powering your entire house with solar panels has a lot of advantages, both for yourself and for the climate. Some main aspects are:

Save money on electricity bills

Through power generated from the sun, you not only minimize or exclude your dependence on the grid but also avoid paying for expensive and fluctuating electricity rates. According to the SEAI, a typical solar panel system in Ireland can save you up to €500 per year on your electricity bill payments.

Earn money from excess electricity

In the event that you are in a situation to create more power than you consume, you can send it out to the network and bring in cash from it. The SEAI offers an award plot called the Sun-based PV Home Award that pays you up to €900 each year for your overabundance of power for as long as 15 years. Some power providers additionally offer feed-in levies or net metering plans that pay you for your excess power.

Increase the value of your home

When your house is installed with solar panels it can be more attractive to potential state buyers because they have more benefits by lowering energy bills and a green life.

What Are the Challenges of Powering Your Whole House With Solar Panels?

While powering your whole house with PV panels you have to face many challenges that you must be aware of and overcome. Some of them are the following:

Suitable roof or land space

You need sufficient space, orientation, tilt, and structural capacity while installing solar panels on your roof. For this, you have to get permission from your land owner, building manager, and any other capable authority. In case you have insufficient roof capacity, you may install your solar panels on the ground, but in this way, you have to ensure sufficient land space and availability of sunlight.

High initial investment

Solar panel installation in your house can be expensive as it depends on the size and quality of the system you select. The average price of a solar panel system in Ireland is between €6,000 and €12,000 which depends on the size and type of the system. Anyhow you can minimise your cost by applying to Govt. grants, incentives, and loans or from other sources. For example, the SEAI offers a grant of up to €3,000 for solar panel installation for houses.

Maintain and repair your solar panel system

Solar panels require a little maintenance as they are durable, however, they ought to be cleaned, directed, and fixed occasionally to guarantee their ideal presentation and life expectancy. You should ensure warranty and insurance for your panel system for minor damages or defects that suddenly occur.

Balance your electricity supply and demand

Solar panels generate power in sunlight, which indicates that you may have more than enough electricity in the day while not enough at night or on cloudy days. To store the excess energy you must have some system or contact with the grid or have some other supplements of your electricity when your PV panels are out of work. You can manage it by installing a battery system, a hybrid system, or a smart meter.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, are you planning to switch to renewable energy and lower your electricity expenses? Going Solar is here to assist you in achieving your target of  Sun’s power for your home. As solar panels are becoming more popular and affordable, this is the perfect time to avail this eco-friendly option. Whether you aim to lessen your environmental impact or attain energy independence, our expert team at Going Solar is dedicated enough to provide you with top-quality solutions customized to fulfill your needs.

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