Biggest Reasons to Celebrate Xbox in 2024

Microsoft’s home console is a real market leader in terms of power, but 2023 proved that there is a lot of untapped potential regarding the Series S/X. Many deem the last 12 months to be a wake-up call for Sony’s biggest rival in the console war, and recent events prove that Microsoft tackles the issue head-on.

Redfall’s poor performance was a costly learning lesson, but it did highlight the company’s goal of producing new IPs to retake the top spot. For instance, Starfield re-ignited a lot of the buzz surrounding the Xbox, performing well both critically and commercially. Plus, let’s not forget that Microsoft has owned Obsidian for several years now, meaning there is a lot more RPG goodness coming our way!
Against such a backdrop, here are the biggest reasons to celebrate Xbox in 2024 (and save a few Xbox gift cards for)!

Game Pass to Continue to Evolve

On a global level, gamers seem to agree that  Microsoft Gaming’s subscription service is the best of the bunch, offering the best value for money compared to Sony’s PS Plus or the Nintendo Online service. At the start of 2024, Game Pass seems ready and willing to keep the throne for the foreseeable future.

Much-talked-about titles like Persona 3 Reload and Open Roads have confirmed Game Pass release dates before March, and there’s a plethora of highly anticipated titles with unspecified release dates, as of yet. The list includes Age of Mythology Retold, 33 Immortals, Cities: Skylines 2, Commandos Origins, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl, and many, many more.

On top of that, Blizzard-Acitivon is bound to pitch in soon, potentially bringing the beloved Diablo series and even Call of Duty for mass consumption on Game Pass. If that best-case scenario comes to fruition, then Game Pass will be the “host” for the creations of multiple industry giants, including EA and Bethesda.  

However, predictions point to a pending price hike for the service, which might put some people off. To mitigate that, the service should pivot to providing better-rated titles alongside the inclusion of fresh releases.

An Incredible Lineup of New Releases

Being the most powerful console on the market is enough reason in itself for people looking to experience the best versions of the most exciting new titles. The upcoming 33 Immortals looks just the type of a game fit to properly showcase the Series X’s muscles, and possibly earn a legion of fans of the rogue-like genre.

Obsidian’s Avowed is another title turning heads, attracting both FPS and RPG fans to boot. Above all, it borrows from the same fanbase as the Pillars of Eternity series, being a retelling of that arc but from a first-person perspective. As such, we’re certain that many Fallout: New Vegas fans won’t be able to resist trying Avowed as soon as it releases. 

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