Best Reasons to do Kedarkantha Trek

There are enough reasons to plan Kedarkantha as your next trek destination.

The fondness for snow is not real if your heart does not crave for Kedarkantha Trek. Just the way animals have jungles, snow has mountains. The combination of mountains and snow exhibit the best form of attire in this world.

Get your dream to dive in a snow blanket on this remote trek. Uttarakhand is endowed with this spectacular trek. The Garhwal Himalayas harbors this summit. Besides snow-covered trails, the colossal coniferous trees stand to testify your endurance. In a period of 5 days, you relish this trek as you complete it.

There are enough reasons to plan Kedarkantha as your next trek destination.

Best Winter Trek

Unlike most of the treks to the Himalayas, Kedarkantha is flexible and empowers its visitors to adopt the trek during the winter months of December to April. While the snow in other elevations poses adverse threats to the hikers, the snow in Kedarkantha hails you with stretched arms.

It turns extremely picturesque amidst the snow-covered ecosystem. Starting from the forests to the mountains that come to your vision, everything seems to be overwhelmed with snow. It is a winter trek which means you need not be wary about where to go during winters as mountains become risky.

No Expertise Required

Although the 12,500 ft. height is slightly steeper in its incline, it is not as difficult as its appearance. Anyone who has not done trekking before can embark on this trek with limited resources if they are involved with a trekking group.

The climb is not challenging by the terrain but it is in terms of endurance. It becomes exhausting after a certain duration of trial as the haul is constantly rising with every step, but a strong determination can vanquish the fatigue. Beginners who are restless to explore alpine snow during their winter holidays are strongly recommended.

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Magnificent Juda ka Talab

After you depart from Sankri which itself is covered with thick piles of snow all around, you reach the first campsite that is Juda ka Talab, the name was derived after droplets fell from Shiva’s hair while he was meditating in Kedarkantha.

The Juda ka Talab looks like an oasis of bliss surrounded by a white desert. The lake appears to be perfect from all angles and resting beside it makes you feel at home. The night sky eventually falls to delight you even more amidst that exquisite destination.

The camps, tall coniferous trees, and snow around the lake sprinkle liveliness to the magnificent site.

Summit View

As you reach the peak, you find a ridge that seems to be like a painting surrounded by eminent peaks on all sides. Occasional sunlight graces your accomplishment. So far and above the ordinary landscape, you liberate your soul to tread with an extol. The moment is as priceless as the reincarnation of the soul. You can also walk along the ridge and create a trail of your footsteps.

The slopes are familiar enough to shelter the child in you who would long for a snowslide. When you take a 360-degree view, you witness neither of the surrounding mountains is spared from the snow. They all look like they are wearing the same uniform to avoid punishment. Before you climb down do not forget to create a cairn beside more such to engrave your remarkable journey.

The Night Sky

At the Kedarkantha Base Camp, while you take your break and replenish yourself, you are bestowed with a celestial sky. Under this eternal view of the Sky, you reside for the day. It is magical to admit how stargazing at the night becomes a staple habit along the days of the trail.

This is something you are going to miss the most once you come back. With excitement in the heart to conquer the height, you sit beneath the astronomical sky and contemplate your further actions. This becomes the most cherished memory once you leave the campsites after the descent.

Photographic sights

The picturesque sites begin from Sankri itself. When you reach the campsites, you will find that the tents are perched over thick mounts of snow. This is yet another distinctive feature of this trek.

The two prominent campsites are Juda ka Talab and Kedarkantha Base Camp and both of them demonstrate unusual experiences for you to go and click your best shots. The summit offers you stunning vistas to capture cinematic angles.


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