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Automated Outbound Calling Solutions: The Best 3 Features

Outbound Calling Solutions

Automated Outbound Calling Solutions Like everything else today, the call centers of almost all businesses have been revamped with the latest, most innovative technologies. While most businesses believe that cold calling has fallen out of step, this study disagrees, it has been found that 62% of marketers believe that outbound marketing has genuinely made a difference in their respective organization’s sales.

Add automation to the mix, and you have a highly efficient call center with a great marketing methodology in place.

What, exactly, is automated outbound calling?

The Basics of Automated Outbound Calling

When marketing, your business attempts to identify prospective clients or customers and get in touch with them. Outbound calling is one way to do that – having your customer care executives place a call to the prospective client or customer to pitch certain products they may be interested in.

When automated, your call center employs software that governs the outbound calls and lets your prospects interact with a recorded voice series that responds according to the client inputs. This enables your business to manage manpower more effectively while optimizing client interactions, in addition to being able to place automated outbound calls in bulk.

Automated calling services are in high demand in the financial industry because of the nature of their services. While this industry does this for marketing, e-commerce today has begun to employ automated calling services to seek consumer feedback.

Various interesting features of automated outbound calling make it a great investment for customer-centric businesses. Let’s see what they are.

Top 3 Features of Automated Outbound Calling Solutions

Automation brings a host of great capabilities to any application, especially those heavily manned and monitored. Some of the greatest features it enables are listed below.

Automatic Dialler for Efficiency and Agent Productivity

Manual calling is always fraught with human error and mental factors. Wasted seconds in idle time amount to minutes, and minutes to cumulative hours per day spent by agents sitting idle. Automated outbound calling reduces agent idle time by initiating a call as soon as. The ongoing one is terminated, maximizing the daily call times clocked, and increasing the chances of a sale. This also helps in boosting agent productivity by utilizing most of their time by placing them on calls.

Outbound IVR for Optimizing Manpower

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is designed to let the clients or customers help themselves by serving a voice-based menu to them with all possible topics they may need help with (for example, to know the utility bill amount). Typically, actions that are clerical and don’t require human intelligence can be fully automated to free up agent times for focusing on marketing. These can be reminder calls to customers, new launches or services, or offer updates, etc.

Integration With SMS

Many call centers place automated outbound calls to customers and immediately shoot an SMS seeking feedback on the experience. Such integration of outbound calling with SMS reinforces the essence of the call in a customer’s mind. For example, after getting off a marketing call with a customer, the interface can be automated to send product links via SMS to the consumer. This adds a lot of value to the brand’s image.

Such features that load up automated outbound calling with more value for the customer and the business are a must-have in every call center.


Automated outbound calling helps call center agents to be more efficient and productive with their work while not being overworked or stressed from an entire day of calling. Such solutions ease out the process of outbound calling and make high efficiency extremely achievable.


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