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Astonishing and Memorable Realities about Birthstones

People navigate on the web about the potential traits of the stones.

The market value of the birthstones is dynamically increasing. This exponential growth in demand is based on some facts and realities that are under discussion in the current article.

Awareness of Birthstones

In history, people were very fond of wearing birthstones without any background knowledge about the gemstones. Today access to the internet and advancement in gadgets has made it easy to explore everything whether you are at home or doing an air journey thousands of miles above the surface of the earth. People navigate on the web about the potential traits of the stones.

Modern designs of gemstone jewelry change their mental orientation from conventional jewelry. The luster of the birthstones awards a new look to the jewelry.

Zodiac System and Birthstones

Many people are very interested in their Zodiac signs and the traits concerning their particular star. The Birthstones also have an association with the zodiac system. Therefore, they prefer to use birthstone jewelry. Birthstones have a relation with the twelve signs of the zodiac system.

To explain the facts and realities linked with the gemstones. We are exploring the knowledge concerning Aries and Libra Birthstones.

Facts about the Aries Birthstones

The Zodiac system starts from the Aries with the sign of RAM and element Fire. Animal RAM does its protection and attacks from its head. Therefore Aries individuals use their brain energy to the maximum as compared to other people belonging to the remaining stars.

You can define the date boundaries for Aries from 21 March to 19 April. There are two prominent Aries birthstones. First is Aquamarine belongs to the month of March. The second is Diamond, dedicated to the month of April. Both stones have their own individual characteristics.

Aquamarine is beneficial for seafarers. As they think it is a blessed stone that protects them in stormy voyages. Further, its color tone is from greenish blue to blue. Gemologists treat the Aquamarine with heat to remove the yellow shades of color. Its color has a resemblance to crystal clear water.

Diamond is a unique gemstone for its characteristics. Aries Birthstone Color is one of the four factors that affect its price. Other factors influencing the price are cut clarity and carat.

Diamond is the hardest stone in the world. Therefore, it has value in the fashion and scientific industry. In the future, diamonds will be used on a large scale as an alternative to silicon chips. Its hardness assists to cut other materials.

Conceptual Realities about Libra Birthstone

Libra is a star having date limits in September and October. The main stone for Libra is Opal. Opal exists in all colors but the very popular Opal is in the mineral form with the play of colors. The Libra Birthstone Color is matching with the rainbow colors. This dynamic behavior of the gemstone is due to the layer composition of silicon sacks having water between them. The diffraction phenomenon creates the effects of diamonds.

Sign for Libra is balance. Therefore, Libra’s birthstone personalities are justice lovers and always abide by the laws. Further, opal promotes positive energy in the bearers and assists the owners to get rid of negative thoughts.


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