Unlocking Your Inner Blueprint: A Guide on How to Read Human Design Chart

Have you ever wondered why you reacted the way you did in a certain situation?

The human design chart, or the nine strands, is an excellent way of learning more about yourself and how to find inner peace.

Being attuned to your design allows you to understand your mind and body perfectly. In turn, this will enable you to connect with other people more easily.

Are you interested in taking the journey of understanding your mind and body? If so, then read on for our ultimate guide on how to read human design chart.

Understanding the Basics

To truly grasp how to read your Human Design chart, it’s key to comprehend some basic terms and concepts. The chart is your personal map, full of symbols and numbers. It’s a visual representation of your unique design.

Gates and channels are elements within your chart. Gates are energy points marked by numbers. Channels connect two gates and signify stable traits in your life.

Defined and Undefined Centers are another crucial part of your chart. Defined centers, shown in color, represent consistent energy or traits you carry. Undefined centers, left in white, are areas where you are open to influence.

Understanding these basics is the first step in deciphering your Human Design chart.

Unraveling Your Type and Strategy

In the realm of Human Design, your type is pivotal. Think of your type as a broad category that encapsulates your energy dynamics and guides your actions. Each of the five types – Generator, Manifestor, Projector, Reflector, and Manifesting Generator – has its strategy for making decisions and interacting with the world.


If you’re a generator, your strategy is to respond. You have a reservoir of life force energy waiting to engage with the world.

Follow your gut feelings. If something excites you, go for it!


As a manifestor, your strategy is to initiate. You are the trailblazer of human design. You have a unique ability to start new projects and create change. Remember to inform others about your plans to maintain harmony.


If you’re a Projector Human Design, your strategy is to wait for an invitation. You are naturally intuitive, waiting for the right opportunities to lend your wisdom. Your insight is valuable – use it wisely and at the right moment.


Reflectors are unique, representing less than 1% of the population. Your strategy is to wait a full moon cycle (28 days) before making significant decisions. This time allows you to understand and integrate

experiences fully.

Manifesting Generator

As a Manifesting Generator, your strategy combines elements of both Manifestors and Generators. You have the energy to respond and the power to initiate. Be patient, wait to respond, then harness your energy to bring your visions to life.

Understanding your Type and Strategy is a key step in the journey of self-discovery in Human Design. This knowledge empowers you to make decisions and navigate the world in a way that aligns with your innate design.

Navigating Centers and Channels

Navigating Centers and Channels in your human design chart is quite straightforward once you understand the basics. First, let’s talk about centers.

Each of the nine centers in your chart represents different aspects of your being. An essential thing to remember: Centers can be either defined (colored) or undefined (left white).

Defined Centers

Defined centers are colored in your chart. They signify the constant traits and energies you carry. These are areas where you have robust and consistent energy. You’re not easily influenced in these areas by outside forces.

Undefined Centers

Undefined Centers, on the other hand, are left white on your chart. They represent areas where you are open to influences from outside.

Here, you tend to absorb and amplify energy from others. You can learn and gain wisdom in these areas but also be subject to conditioning.

Now, let’s move on to channels that connect the centers. Channels consist of two gates and are responsible for your stable traits. When a channel is fully colored, it’s defined.

Defined Channels

A defined channel means that you have a stable, consistent energy flow in that area. It often represents a specific talent or characteristic that you consistently express.

Undefined Channels

Undefined channels are those that are not fully colored in. They indicate potential areas for growth or learning. They can also show where we might feel pressure to be a certain way, even if it’s not consistent with our natural energy.

Understanding your Centers and Channels can provide insights into how you interact with the world. It can show you where you have consistent energy and traits (defined) and are open to influences (undefined).

Remember, there’s no right or wrong in Human Design. It’s all about understanding your unique blueprint and living authentically as you.

Embracing Your Authority

The concept of authority in human design refers to the decision-making process that aligns with our way of processing information. There are seven authorities in Human Design: Emotional, Sacral, Splenic, Ego, Solar Plexus, G Center, and Self-Projected.

Each type has its unique way of making choices. Embracing and understanding your authority can lead to more authentic and aligned decision-making.

Discover Your Profile

Your profile in Human Design is a vital aspect of your personal blueprint. It offers insight into your life’s purpose and how you interact with the world.

There are twelve possible profiles in Human Design. Each is a blend of two different numbers, ranging from 1 to 6.

Embracing Self-Acceptance and Growth

Remember, a human design chart is not about confining yourself within set traits but instead providing a guideline for self-discovery. Embrace the uniqueness of your design, acknowledge both your strengths and areas for growth, and use this knowledge to lead a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Mastering How to Read Human Design Chart

It’s important to remember that learning how to read Human Design chart is a profound journey of self-discovery. This knowledge can empower you to live a life of authenticity, aligning your actions with your innate design.

As you delve deeper into the World of Human Design, you’ll uncover layers of yourself that you might not have been aware of before. Embrace the journey of unraveling your cosmic blueprint, and use this knowledge to empower your path toward self-acceptance, growth, and authenticity.

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