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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Grilling Game

Are you a grilling enthusiast? It’s hard not to be when you have an excellent grill that enhances anything you put on it. You’ve grilled a lot over the years that it feels like the tongs are a part of your hand. But even with so much experience, you can still upgrade your grilling game.

Isn’t grilling only about making food taste exceptionally well? Yes, but enhancing your grilling game is much more than that. We’ll outline various ways you can take your technique to the next level.

1. Upgrade Your Grill

The most obvious way to improve your grilling game is to upgrade the appliance itself. Now that may be tough because you’ve built a bond with your current grill. It opened you up to a world you never knew existed. However, the years have racked up, and it might not be performing as it should. So it’s time to get a new one.

It can be challenging to select your next grill because there are many options. But if you’re looking for something other than a traditional appliance, you should get a flat-top grill. These appliances are becoming more popular because of their efficiency, and they’ll also improve the look of your outdoor space.

2. Improve the Outdoor Ambience

As a true grill master, you know there’s more to the job than handing out delicious food (although it’s an important part). You need a certain aura about you to ensure everyone is having a good time. And while they may appreciate your wisecracks and stories, they need to be comfortable. Enjoying yourself and tasty food is problematic if the environment is off.

So it would be in your best interest to invest in your outdoor space. Get some comfortable chairs or an aesthetically pleasing table to make your guests feel relaxed. If you have a deck, you can place fairy lights around the exterior and have an elegant dinner under the night sky. Take a look at your space and see how you can make small changes to make it better for your family and guests.

3. Let Others Join the Grilling Fun

Grilling is usually a solo activity; there’s nothing wrong with that. You’ve created a relationship with your flat top grill that not many have. But upgrading your grilling means you’ll also need to enhance your hosting skills. And what better way than to invite others to grill with you?

Your guests don’t necessarily have to take over the grilling responsibilities (you probably wouldn’t allow that to happen). But instead, you could offer taste tests to give people insight into what they’ll be eating shortly. Or, if you’re having a family barbecue, you can have one of the kids try and flip a burger.

4. Increase Surrounding Aromas

When you first turn on the grill, that natural smokey aroma gets you excited for what’s to come. You can’t wait to hear the sizzle of your favorite meats touching the grates. However, while the grill provides its own flavor and smell, you enhance it even more.

Try adding natural woods to create an intoxicating aroma that will have your mouth watering. Use different seasonings on your items, so when they hit the flat top grill, the whole neighborhood will be wondering what’s smelling so good. Just be warned, you may have to get extra food if that happens!

5. Grill Different Foods

When you think of grilling, the first image that comes to mind is the sizzle of a burger or steak as it hits the hot grates. You might also think of hot dogs or bbq chicken (sorry for making your mouth water). Yes, these staples are great, but if you truly want to upgrade your grilling game, you should try to incorporate other items such as:

  • Fruits—grilling foods like watermelon, mangoes, or peaches brings out the natural sweetness
  • Vegetables—eggplant and peppers
  • Cheese—Halloumi or provolone

These foods may be different from what you’re used to grilling. But there’s no harm in trying something different. Who knows, you could find a new favorite and create grilling recipes catered to it. Plus, having non-traditional items on the menu may impress your guests.

Here’s How You Upgrade Your Grilling Game:

Upgrading your grill game is easy once you’re ready and willing. Maybe you need a new appliance—like a flat top grill—or your outdoor space needs sprucing up. There may be a slight chance that you’re tired of cooking the same foods and want to try something different. Take a look at the suggestions above and see what you can incorporate. Then watch how your grilling skills go to a whole new level.



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