5 Must-Have Modifications for Your Owner Type Jeep

Jeep owners are some of the most passionate car enthusiasts out there. They take great pride in the modifications they make to their vehicles.

Off-roading is a popular pastime among Jeep owners, and some modifications can make your Jeep perform better and handle rough terrain.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the five must-have modifications for your owner-type Jeep so you can tackle any off-road challenge.

1. Lift Kit

One of the first modifications that Jeep owners tend to make is a lift kit. It also allows for larger tires and better ground clearance. A lift kit is essential for clearing enormous obstacles and preventing damage to your undercarriage.

A lift kit is a comprehensive package designed to raise the body or suspension of your Jeep. It comes in two types: a body lift kit and a suspension lift kit.

A body lift kit raises the Jeep’s body from the frame. Offering a cost-effective way to accommodate larger tires without affecting the suspension.

A suspension lift kit raises the Jeep’s suspension system. It improves ground clearance and off-road performance.

Higher ground clearance can mean the difference between a smooth ride and getting caught on rocks, tree stumps, or other off-road obstacles. It’s important to note that lifting your Jeep can enhance its off-road abilities and may also affect your vehicle’s handling, fuel efficiency, and warranty.

2. Winch

When you’re off-roading, you can get stuck in mud, sand, or other challenging terrain. In cases like these, a winch can be a lifesaver.

You can easily pull your vehicle out of any sticky situation. It allows you to keep exploring the great outdoors.

A winch is a mechanical device used for winding up, letting out, or otherwise adjusting the tension of a rope or wire rope. Its simplest form consists of a spool and attached hand crank. A winch is mounted to the vehicle’s front bumper and powered by its battery.

There are different types of winches to consider, including:

  • hydraulic
  • electric options

Electric winches are the most common type for off-roading purposes. They are easy to install and use and provide much-pulling power.

Hydraulic winches are more complex. They connect to the vehicle’s power steering pump for power. They can offer even more pulling power and are better for longer pulls than electric winches.

3. Skid Plates

With any off-roading adventure, your undercarriage risks getting damaged by rocks and other debris. That’s where skid plates come in handy, protecting your engine, transmission, and fuel tank from harm. Skid plates are a must-have for any serious off-road Jeep enthusiast.

Skid plates, often made from durable materials like steel, aluminum, or composite plastic, serve as a sturdy shield for your vehicle’s most vulnerable areas.

The thickness of the skid plate will determine its effectiveness against conspicuous damage. Usually, skid plates sit between 1/8 and 1/4 inch thick, with the thicker plates offering better protection, albeit at a greater weight.

Specifically designed to fit the contours of your Jeep’s underside. They effectively deflect debris and shrug off hard hits that could otherwise dent, puncture, or scrape crucial components. Installation is straightforward, with most skid plates bolting directly to the frame.

However, it’s vital to understand that while skid plates add a layer of protection, they also add weight to your vehicle, which might have a minimal impact on fuel efficiency. Also, for Jeeps that see a lot of off-road action, skid plates require regular checks as they can accumulate dirt and debris.

4. Rock Sliders

Speaking of protecting your vehicle from damage, rock sliders are another significant modification to consider. These metal bars attach to the sides of your Jeep, keeping rocks from denting or scratching your vehicle’s body. If you plan on tackling some serious rock crawling, rock sliders are a must-have.

Rock Sliders, also known as side steps, are heavy-duty protection jeep accessories designed to shield the sides and underbody of your Jeep from the damaging effects of off-road obstacles such as rocks and logs. They get their name from their primary function – allowing your vehicle to ‘slide’ off rocks rather than taking the total hit.

Constructed from robust materials like steel, rock sliders are designed to withstand significant impacts. They’re securely bolted to your Jeep’s frame, ensuring they stay in place during intense off-road journeys. The structure is usually tubular or rectangular and extends along the length of your Jeep, protecting the lower door sills and the lower portions of the bodywork.

In addition to providing protection, rock sliders can also serve a dual purpose as a convenient step for easier vehicle entry and exit, especially in lifted Jeeps. When selecting rock sliders, it’s essential to consider factors like material, weight, design, and compatibility with your specific Jeep model. Remember, while they add a layer of protection, rock sliders also add weight to your Jeep, which could slightly affect fuel efficiency.

5. Body Tub

The Body tub is a significant modification that Jeep owners often choose to enhance their vehicle’s functionality and aesthetics. Essentially, the body tub is the main body shell of your Jeep – it includes the floor, sides, and rear section. A robust and durable body tub is crucial for off-roading, as it forms the main protective shell against harsh outdoor elements and rough terrains.

The body tub can be made from different materials, including traditional steel or lightweight, rust-proof materials like fiberglass or aluminum. Steel body tubs are sturdy and durable, perfect for challenging off-roading conditions. However, they can be susceptible to corrosion over time.

On the other hand, fiberglass or aluminum body tubs are lightweight and rust-proof, offering a long-lasting solution. However, they may not provide the same rugged durability as steel.

Replacing or upgrading your Jeep’s body tub can significantly improve your off-road experience. It offers a chance to replace a damaged or old body tub with a fresh, more durable one, possibly reducing future repair and maintenance costs. While this modification can be costly and complex, it’s often worth it for the serious off-roading enthusiast.

Upgrading Your Owner Type Jeep for Utmost Performance

Jeep modifications are an exciting and essential part of owning a Jeep. There are plenty of modifications, from lift kits to winches to skid plates. These five mods are a must-have if you’re a severe off-road Jeep enthusiast.

Not only will they make your Jeep look tougher and more capable, but they’ll also help you handle whatever terrain comes your way, ensuring that your off-road adventures are both fun and safe.

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