4 Tips for Staying Warm in a Cold Room

Winter is almost here and a cold, snowy one is in the cards. Many areas in the United States expect to see colder-than-normal temperatures and more snowfall.

At the same time, utility costs continue to rise due to inflation. Last year, the average electricity bill in the U.S. increased by 13%. This winter, households expect another significant cost increase.

With tight purse strings, Americans look to keep rooms warm without using more natural gas or electricity. Read on for five tips for staying warm in a cold room. Explore how replacing poor insulation or scheduling a furnace tuneup can warm up your house.

1. Seal the Room

Cold air enters a room from every crack and crevasse. You can seal these small openings to keep warm air in and cold air out.

Start with the windows. Use caulk around the edges of the window. Weatherstrips help provide an additional barrier against cold air entering the house.

Doors present a different challenge as you still need to open and close them in the winter. A draft stopper at the bottom of the door can keep out cold air at night.

You should also take a look at your blinds and curtains. Winter is a perfect time for heavy drapes that keep warm air in.

2. Fine Tune Your Appliances

You want your appliances to work at optimal efficiency in the winter. For example, you may want to hire a local furnace repair company to service your unit.

Many benefits come from preventative maintenance on your major appliances. Servicing the unit extends its lifespan.

It also heats rooms more efficiently when working properly. This leads to less energy usage and cheaper utility bills.

Some preventative maintenance steps are so easy that any homeowner can do them. Steps like replacing the air filter every three months or changing the batteries on the thermostat help keep rooms warmer.

3. Invest In a Space Heater

Some rooms cannot stay warm regardless of how high you set the thermostat. This is especially true in rooms with tile flooring that is cold to the touch.

You can help the cause by purchasing a space heater. There are many different space heating products on the market today.

You can buy a nice electric fireplace that puts out heat in a small room. Electric space heaters plug into an outlet and emit heat at the floor level.

4. Use Alternate Sources of Heat

Many people don’t take advantage of additional heat sources. One good example is to leave your oven open after cooking. This will push the heat used to cook your food out to the kitchen and adjacent rooms.

The shower is another source of heat. Many people turn on their overhead fan and suck the heat out of the room. Instead, open your door and let the steam work its magic.

Your Guide to Warming Up a Cold Room

You’re now ready to stay warm this winter. A few simple steps like replacing an air filter and resealing windows go a long way.

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