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4 Best Modern Sofas for Entertaining

One of the best parts of enjoying your home is welcoming guests into your space. When you’re hosting, you make memories and connections with the people you love to spend time with. For a great night of entertaining, you need the right setup. That includes modern sofas in a smart layout so everyone has a place to comfortably sit and socialize. Check out five great couch options and a few tips for putting together your entertaining space.

4 Modern Sofas for Entertaining

Great seating should be comfy and stylish, inviting people to take a seat and relax. People sometimes think of “modern” furniture as being very sleek and unapproachable, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some couches that are great for entertaining.

1. Essex Sofa

The Essex sofa is a nice blend of modern and vintage. The silhouette is a throwback to classic furniture design and features a diamond tufted back. The cushions are made with duck feathers so they are plush and supportive. All of your friends will love sitting on this couch, having conversations, and sharing jokes.

2. Capa Sofa

The Capa sofa has plenty of space for everyone. The long couch has a minimal design that easily seats three. The broad arms of the couch can also be used as extra seats, especially on a casual night with company around. You’ll also enjoy the supple Italian leather and high-density foam cushions.

3. Napa Leather Pull-Out Convertible Sleeper Sofa

If you want a sofa that does double duty, the Napa sleeper sofa could be right for you. It has overstuffed cushions that are perfect for a party or movie night. When the night winds down and your company isn’t ready to go home, pull out the bed and invite your friends to get their rest on a soft mattress with a memory foam layer.

4. Calle Apartment Sofa

Small spaces can be great entertaining areas as well when you have the right furniture. The Calle apartment couch offers all of the comfort and style you want in a smaller package. At 75 inches, it can fit in smaller living rooms or dens or be used as an extra sofa in your main living room. You can also customize the color of the leather and the style of the legs for a look that suits you.

Arranging Your Entertainment Space

Once you have the right modern sofas, you need to arrange them in the right way to enhance your entertaining space. Start by measuring the room and making sure you have enough space to walk around the furniture. Orient your seating towards any key focal points, such as televisions or fireplaces.

If you don’t have a focal point, make sure couches and chairs face each other so guests can talk to each other. Don’t forget about table space. Add a coffee table or side tables so people have places to set down cups, snacks, or phones.

Get Modern Sofas for Entertaining

Opening your home to loved ones is so much easier with the right setup. Get seating that will impress your guests with great modern couches that are comfortable and beautiful.


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