3 Different Types of Lash Extensions: Which Ones Are Right for You?

The use of lash extensions has become increasingly popular as an alternative to the use of mascara. Using them will give you that full, wide-eyed look without having to apply eye makeup frequently. Eyelash extensions are typically made from several materials, including mink, silk, or synthetic fibers you can apply individually onto each lash with a special adhesive. Applying them is an excellent way to have thicker lashes—a longer-lasting alternative to falsies.

If you are interested in natural lash extensions, it’s important to understand which type of extension is best suited for you. It is important to remember that no two sets of eyes are alike, so not all types of lash extensions will look good on everyone. In order to create the most flattering and natural-looking effect, different types of lash extension styles are needed. Here’s how to choose the perfect eyelash extensions for every eye shape!

Different Types of Eyelash Extensions:

Make sure you know all your options before getting natural lash extensions so you can choose the ones that best suit your tastes. Let’s look closely at the differences between each type of lash extension so that you can get a clearer picture.

Plastic Synthetic Lashes:

Among the lowest grades of lash extensions are plastic synthetic lashes. Generally, plastic synthetic lashes are composed of a plastic fiber called PBT, or polybutylene terephthalate. They are usually very heavy and unnatural looking, like those you might find at a drugstore.

In addition to being stiff, they look less natural because they have been heated and molded. Similarly, the band is made of hard, inflexible plastic, making the entire strip quite rigid. Their main advantage is their affordability. Furthermore, they appear thicker, glossier, and more dramatic than many other types of professional lash extensions.

However, these types of lashes are recommended only for a temporary strip application, such as a Halloween costume.

Mink Eyelash Extensions:

The natural look of mink eyelash extensions is what makes them so popular. This is due to the fact that they are made of real mink fur. Because they are light and thin, they don’t weigh down your natural lashes. The mink lash is usually used for classic eyelash extensions, with a glossy finish that can be layered easily.

Faux mink eyelash extensions are a good alternative if you’re not comfortable with using animal fur for your extensions. They’re just as soft and good quality as real mink fur and are much less expensive. They are also more convenient to use because they do not lose their curl if they are wet!

Silk Eyelash Extensions:

For a fuller and more pronounced look, silk eyelash extensions are best. These natural lash extensions have more space between each strand and a semi-matte appearance. Their characteristics can help you create a discreet and bold look for your eyes.

Silk eyelash extensions are made of synthetic fibers derived from polyester, so they are durable and natural-looking at the same time. In addition, you do not have to worry about them causing redness and irritation, which is more likely with animal fur.

How to Choose the Right Types of Lash Extensions Styles:

When choosing the right natural lash extension, you should know all the factors you need to consider to get the perfect fit. Here are some suggestions on how to choose the best type and style of lash extension for you. The most important factor you should consider is your eye shape.

Almond-Shaped Eye:

In terms of eye shapes, this is the most symmetrical and complements any lash style. Eyes with almond shapes have a visible crease in the eyelids and are wider than tall. Therefore, you should place the longest eyelash extensions in the middle of your lash line to draw attention to your eyes. To avoid weighing down your natural eye shape, you might also want to refrain from adding extensions around the corners.

Round Eyes:

When you have larger, round eyes, the crease beneath your eyes stands out. It is important to choose extensions carefully, as the wrong style can make your eyes look constantly surprised. You’re best off choosing styles that elongate your eye corners. The shortest, thicker lashes should be placed at the inner corners of your eyes, while the longest lashes should be placed at the outer corners. 

Monolid Eyes:

Monolids are eyelids that do not have creases. The natural lash lines of this eye shape are an important focal point. If you have monolid-shaped eyes, choosing styles that open up your eyes and make your natural lash lines lighter is best. Place longer lashes from the center to the outer section to make your eyes look bigger.

Hooded Eyes:

Like monolid eyes, hooded eyes have a heavy brow bone structure that makes their eyelids appear to swallow their lash lines. As a result, the eyes appear smaller. Unlike monolids with hidden eyelids, they do have a slight crease. You can enhance your lash lines and create a lash lift effect by placing longer eyelash extensions in the middle.

Upturned Eyes:

When your outer eye corners are higher than your inner eye corners, picking the wrong lash extensions can make your eyes look flat. Placing longer extensions towards your outer eye corners is recommended to complement your eyes’ natural shape.

Downturned Eyes:

In contrast to upturned eyes, downturned eyes have slightly higher inner eye corners than outer eye corners. Cat-eye styles are most flattering for this eye shape because they create the illusion of lifting your outer eye corners. Curling your lashes can also contribute to balancing your eye shape.



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