Best Monsoon Trek in the Himalayas

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek in the Himalayas ranges at Himachal Pradesh is a unique destination for trekking in the monsoons. The lush greenery and the beautiful scenic view Hampta Pass provides to the trekkers are a sight to behold.

Trek in the Himalayas:

Each landscape on the trail will surprise you with all the amenities you are looking for on a trekking journey during the monsoons. The panoramic view produced by Hampta Pass is a sight to mesmerize all the visitors in no time.

The memorable trek through the wet mountain paths will never be forgotten for a longer period. Every step you take you will be amazed by the luxurious greenery it will present to you and will make you aware of walking through an enchanted land.

You can sense the thrill of trekking on the wet mountain roads and every stop has got something or the other to present you on your trekking journey. Something that will catch your eyes is the barren lands of Lahaul and the greenery of the Spiti valleys.

The local belief of departed souls passing by the Hampta Pass entertains a lot of trekkers towards itself. The dense forests filled with huge pine trees, oak trees, and birch trees add an ambiance of being in a different region of the world is felt at Hampta Pass trek.

Bhrigu Lake Trek:



Bhrigu Lake Trek in Himachal Pradesh is a moderate-easy trekking zone and located at a height of 14000 feet, Alpine mountains raise its head higher with all wonders at Bhrigu Lake. The whole area seems to be blanketed by the lush greenery growing at Bhrigu Lake.

The holy destination is also a trekking spot and the setting sun that glows all around the evening sky will enhance your trekking journey at Bhrigu Lake. The lofty pine trees and the green dense forests will make you wonder about being lost in a certain enchanting world of nature.

The wonderful and holy lake that reflects the blue sky on it emits a sparkling texture that enlivens the whole area. You can take a dip into the warm and relaxing waters of Vashisht Village; it will ease your tired self in no time.

You will be enchanted by the pure essence that emits from the Bhrigu meadows and these alpine meadows will throw you into a trance of being in a whole new different world. The local belief of Maharishi Bhrigu constructing the lake and performing. A rigorous penance can be still felt while you are on a trek at Bhrigu Lake.

Valley of Flowers Trek:

The panoramic beauty provided by the Valley of Flowers Trek is an all-new entity for trekking during the monsoons. The wet soil and the green meadows and the blooming flowers are all a part of nature’s beauty as you trek to the Valley of Flowers.

You will be coming across a vast rare and exotic species of flora. And fauna present at the Valley of Flowers. As you trek higher and higher the beautiful landscapes will be fascinating to you in all their glory.

The Valley of Flowers had been praised and noted down by many scholars and poets. Marked as the Nandadevi Biosphere National Park it is one of the wonderful places to trek in the monsoons. It is located in between the snow-covered peaks of the Gauri Parvat.

The whole area gets filled up with green vegetation. The monsoons encourage many trekkers to come running towards the Valley of Flowers. Filled with adventures the Valley of Flowers is an alluring destination for most trekkers and photographers in the monsoon.

You can visit the holy Badrinath Dham, Joshimath, and Panch Prayag as you trek at the Valley of Flowers.

Indrahar Pass Trek:

Indrahar Pass Trek is famous for being the best trekking spot during the monsoons. The wet soil with the green vegetation growing along the trails will pull you mildly towards it. The aroma and the silent gushing breeze of Indrahar Pass. Trek is going to take you in a whole new trance of purity.

During the monsoons that brighten up the souls of the trekkers as they trek at Indrahar Pass. The lush green forests ascend down to Mon Peak.

The Kangra and Chamba Valleys that divide the Ravi and Beas rivers will make your journey more interesting. The Dhauladhar ranges will catch your eyes with all the majestic air carrying the beauty of the place.


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