Top 10 Craigslist Portland Crazy Ads You Must See!

Portland Oregon is a weird and cool state capital with the same kind of platforms as Craigslist Portland. Maybe it’s the continuous drizzle, or maybe it’s the motto “Keep Portland Weird” that draws in so many out-of-the-ordinary characters.

Craigslist Portland pets or same another virtual marketplace where you can run across some “unusual” locals looking to purchase or sell odd stuff  like sell items on craigslist Lynchburg VA or find attractive roommates to split the rent with. You can find just about everything you need on Portland Craigslist. Here are 10 odd Craigslist Portland advertisements.

Top 10 Crazy Adds from Craigslist Portland:

1. Cult Knife?

A commercial that includes the line “I… don’t know…this knife simply worries me” is automatically disqualified. A tool a strange desert sect may use to… I’m not sure. The accompanying image is rather strange, with a face that resembles a dried-out turkey with a mask sitting underneath, frozen in a sneering grimace. This item is a must for those who are interested in desert cult rituals since it can be purchased for just $50.

2. Wickedly Awesome–And Strange

At first look, this advertisement does not seem to be strange: 500 / 1200ft2 – Looking for 1 wicked amazing roommate! Until you get to the meat of the advertisement, that is. The user says he put the picture of the property on a dating site and that the rent is really $600, but he placed it as $500 since utilities are included.

The trip, the home’s owner, promises that there will be no intrusions on your privacy, that there won’t be any drama, and that you can trust him. Just like dating, right?” Trip continues.

3. For the Insensitive Item Collector

The film’s title about Daisy and Violet Hilton, who were born linked at the head, is “Held Captive!” They’re Fighting for their Freedom! They’re willing to go to war for a romantic interest! This bizarre and sarcastic trinket may be yours for just $9. The advertisement ends with the simple phrase “Freak Show.”

4. Fresh Urine

At only $20, you can get your hands on the purest pee available and easily pass any drug test. As the ad boasts, “Pass anything! We have more than enough. Discreet.” The vendor has been selling fake urine to trick employers since 2001. How to sneak this past the lab workers is a mystery.

5. Call the Dude

Don’t give up hope if you’re feeling lonely while going about your daily routine. The guy from the River City gets it: nobody likes working alone. When in need, just ask this guy for assistance. The guy even includes a photo of himself as an added inducement.

He seems physically capable of doing odd things and boasts that he has completed more work than most guys would in “two freaking lifetimes.” He wants cash payments and claims to be trustworthy, reliable, and “Somewhat Knowledgeable.”

6. More Dude

To be used if the preceding advertisement fails to grab your interest: Contact “The” River City Dude If You Suffer from Brain Damage Caused by The Storm! Illustration of a charging electric current passing through a human skull. The guy means business; he offers assistance.

As the commercial puts it, “You Can’t Replace This Guy!” and “This Guy Rules!” To put it bluntly, he is not a guy. Even though the advertisement on portlan. craigslist has now ended, but he remains the man to contact for assistance.

7. Spirit in The Sofa

Besides the presence of the “malevolent force,” the appearance of this Haunted Couch isn’t that bad. The sofa was purchased at a yard sale, and much to the chagrin of the new owner, it had an odd impact on the family cat, Gunther. This “sofa held a displaced soul that possesses — and finally devours an Animal host,” as the saying goes.

The poster on Craigslist Portland Maine also shows a “shocking” image of a sofa with human hands extending from between the cushions. It was cheap at only $25. Whether the advertisement is intended as a joke or a genuine attempt to get people to purchase the product, it succeeds in its goal.

8. You Won’t Be Able to See Another Snuggle Commercial

Check out the Haunted/Possessed Antique One-Eyed Musical Teddy Bear for sale at OBO $20m if you’ve always desired a rare teddy bear with just one eye and a built-in music box inhabited by demons. In the words of the ad, it is equally suitable for “snuggling or mild demon possession.” It will “loud knock” to let you know when it wants your attention. The vendor admits the music box may need some TLC but insists it’s better off as-is because of the “clear and haunting” tune it plays.

9. Here Kitty?

Kittens for sale are the cutest things ever, especially when the accompanying picture shows a bigger cat biting the neck of a little kitten lying on its back with its arms held out in submission. To get the kitty out of there, you’d have to purchase it.

The vendor makes the following claims under the eerie photo: “We had a blast with these little kitties. If the snapshot indicates, the kittens aren’t having much fun. Maybe that’s just cats being cats, but the featured image doesn’t exactly sell me on the idea of getting one.

10. Truly Used Dog Bed

This poster on Craigslist Portland Oregon is selling what seems to be a dirty Double Orthopedic Dog Bed which is a Memory Foam Extra Large XL -$40. The owner of a Newfoundland dog claims his pet used the bed just twice and that there is “minimal usage and absolutely no urine/wear and tear.” If a buyer requests it, the vendor will even wash it before shipping it.

It’s hard to tell whether the shot was taken at an odd angle or if there really is a pattern on the bed. The tennis ball in the image is not included with the sale of this unique mattress and was merely there for scale. The vendor appears ready to risk losing money on it, however.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Craigslist Portland a Good Place to Advertise Job Vacancies?

Craigslist Portland is helpful for companies to recruit people and advertise positions for free, including everything from apartments to rent to concerts to attend as same as craigslist Hickory NC.

Is Hiring from Craigslist Safe?

Only do business with folks you can meet in person after communicating with them through a Craigslist ad. Even though you could start out communicating by phone or text, it’s vital to be sure you’ll be able to meet face-to-face before you hand over any money on Craigslist or any other job board. Do not transfer any money ahead of time.

How Long Are Craigslist Ads Active?

Posts on Craigslist have different time limits in different regions. A classified ad will remain up for 45 days in most places, after which it will expire and be removed. However, creating a Craigslist classified ad targeting most major U.S. cities will expire in only one week.



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