10 Things You Should Know Before You Join College

Know Before You Join College – Students go through different feelings when they are about to join college life. They feel excitement, and nervousness, and have so many dreams on their mind. All of these emotions are completely normal as they don’t know the friends they are going to make, the teachers they are going to have, and the environment they are going to study in.

Such is life which comes with a lot of unexpected things. However; there are some such things about which students can prepare themselves before joining the college and we will be discussing those things. To all the new bees; who are going to join college soon I would just like to say that;

“Even the greatest were beginners. Don’t be afraid to take that first step”

We will be discussing the things that students must know before joining the college.  These things might vary from having to know the location of your class to the Assignment Help UK-based or any other online platform from which you will probably have to buy academic writing help.

Things should know before you join college:

It is very important to go prepared wherever you are going for the first time. It will not only help you in the long run but will also leave a good impression on you. When I was a student, nobody told me that I am going to need someone to Write My Dissertation Cheap and I got to know about it when half of my semester went by. This is why I am here to guide you with the things that nobody told me before joining the college.

1.    Get to know the college

Students get excited when they get enrolled in a university or a college but in this excitement, they often forget to look into the criterion of the college. This is why all those who are going to join college this year must do thorough research about the college in which they have got enrolled.

Check their available programs and courses so you won’t have difficulty in choosing later on. Go through all of the terms, conditions, and criteria of the college system so you won’t be breaking n rules unintentionally or intentionally.

2.    Pack your documents

Students often think that they are ready to join the college without even knowing where their documents are. Organize all of your documents starting from your high school to the admission certificate of the college. Organize these documents in a way that you won’t have any difficulty finding them when needed.

3.    Quest for a living place

Most of the students have to leave home when they join the college because most colleges are situated far from residential areas so they find it easy to live in the area near the college. If the college has its own hostel then you don’t need to find an apartment or a room for a living but if it does not have any space left then begin your quest for a residential place because it isn’t that easy to find one that fits into student’s budget.

4.    Hunt for a part-time job

Students who think that they can get through college life with their savings and their pocket money are under a huge misconception. You won’t even realize how your expenses have grown so much once you have entered college life. This is why finding a part-time job around your residential place beforehand so you won’t have to take a student loan.

5.    Online academic assistance

Once students join college, they figure out that they are going to need the help of professionals, especially with their writing projects but it takes time to find a reliable writer or a website that can provide you with exceptional services. There is no escaping from academic writing assignments (usessaywriter, 2022) This is why try to find academic writing service providers beforehand so that when you will be assigned any writing project, you can immediately take their assistance.

6.    Join the student organization

Every college has a certain student organization account or a group on any of the social media platforms, search for it and join it. Through this group, you are surely going to learn a lot about the college. Varying from the hot gossip of the college to the important notifications about the college, everything is updated in such groups or accounts.

7.    Learn the basics

You are not going to have a cook or your mother make delicious foods for you, so you need to learn the basics of cooking. Learn to make coffee and some basic meals. It’s because neither you are going to have enough money nor will you always want to buy meals from restaurants or cafes.

Health promotion interventions that support healthy food choices reduce the stress in college students (Badger, Quatromoni, & Morrell, 2019). In addition to that; know to do your laundry and make your bed.

8.    Budget planning

Even after getting a part-time job, make sure to plan a budget and track your expenses because you won’t even realize how you ran out of money.  This is why it is very important to keep a track of your expenses from the very beginning of your college life.

9.    Check for any additional programs

Check if any scholarships or other such programs are being offered to the students. Don’t miss the opportunity to avail those opportunities. There are times when students are not aware of the scholarships they could have gotten but they missed them so be aware of such news.

10.    Don’t get overwhelmed

Excitement plus nervousness are common emotions that students go through before joining college but don’t let those emotions take over your personality. Pack your stuff with a calm mind and go to the campus with a composed personality.


There are many things that students wish they would have known before joining the college. We have mentioned some such things in the above post, hopefully, it will help you guys out.


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