Buy Bitcoin (BTC) by Bank transfer euro card

Wire transfer is a payment option offered by some of the largest banks and is one of the most used among Internet banking users. Its popularity is due to the following advantages:

In addition, Wire transfers in euros can be used to purchase cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin (BTC).

Available ways to buy Bitcoin(BTC)

There are three common ways to buy bitcoins via Wire transfer:

From a private seller – finding a cryptocurrency trader will be easy if you visit thematic forums, public pages on social networks, or even ordinary bulletin boards. This way, you can exchange funds profitably for yourself, but at the same time, this is the riskiest way since there are many scammers on such platforms. You can look closer at Localbitcoins – this resource is a transaction intermediary. It provides for the protection of users using specific mechanisms but, at the same time, charges decent commissions.

Using online exchangers, you can choose a suitable exchange office that offers a risk-free, profitable buy Bitcoin (BTC) by Bank transfer euro card using the specialized resource This is the fastest way; the entire exchange process can take just 5 minutes since registration or additional verification is not required as standard.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the safest way, especially if you turn to such popular crypto exchanges as Binance, EXMO, Livecoin, and others; they are the guarantors of transactions. Usually, a favorable rate is offered, but there are costs in various commissions. Also, this method is only suitable for those with a lot of time since they will need to spend it on registration, verification, replenishing an account, creating an order, concluding a transaction, and withdrawing funds. In addition, it will take a lot of work for beginners to get used to the complex interface immediately.

Analyzing the listed methods, we can conclude that the second is optimal since it offers both safety and benefits.

Buy Bitcoin with a Bank card via an online exchanger

Using an electronic currency exchanger is easy. To do this, you must go to Bestchange, a list of services allowing you to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) by Bank transfer euro card. Next, you need to choose the appropriate one based on criteria such as the size of the reserve, customer reviews, the allowed amount for transfer, exchange rate, transaction processing mode, commission size, the need to verify a bank card, etc.

To go to the website of the selected exchanger, you need to click on the line with its name. Already on the site, you need to send an application indicating the currency pair, the desired transfer amount, details of the card from which the exchange is carried out, and the BitCoin cryptocurrency wallet where the purchased coins should be sent. Next, all that remains is to check the balance, and this is where the procedure ends.

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