The 8 Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 You Need to Know

In CS:GO, there are things like best grenade spots dust 2 that will differentiate you from the lobby regardless of the map. You may always be one step ahead of the opponent if you have good aim and know your way around a map. In one-on-one encounters, you’ll have to depend on yourself most of the time, although you can give yourself a leg up by tossing a few strategically placed grenades or smokes.

Towards order to make room for your next move, you may toss a grenade in the direction you’ll be traveling. Throwables may be tossed to strategic points on the battlefield from certain “grenade/smoke sites,” allowing players to do so without revealing their position to the other side. These grenade locations in Dust 2 will assist you rotate while also covering your teammates’ pushes or flanking the opposition.

Top 8 Best Grenade Spots Dust 2:

To help you successfully toss grenades in Dust 2, we’ve compiled a list of the best grenade spots dust 2 for doing so.

1.     From T Spawn

Let’s start with A long. The terrorist group may fortify its hold on the A site with the aid of this location. However, this will only be possible if you master the art of throwing a flash from T-Spawn toward the A Long doorway. The barriers at A Long entrance are annoyingly taller, making it impossible to hurl a flash over them. However, the bottom area seen in the figure below may be broken through with a standing or running flash. If it doesn’t work, try doing a jump throw from atop the automobile directly in front of you.

2.     From The Skylight

Second best grenade spots dust 2 is just outside the exit. While sprinting, players used to be able to hurl a flash through the skylight. However, this ability has since been removed. However, if you run up and leap at the center one, your throw will be directed downward and harm everyone around. You may use this to hide your identity from potential foes when you leave the house.

3.     The Cross

In order to smoke out the cross after taking possession of Long A, the third grenade site is of great use. It’s a common misconception among gamers that one smoke grenade is all that’s needed to produce an effective smokescreen. The cross, however, is a little too broad. As seen in the picture below, though, you may aim the grenade by standing near the barrel. Then, while sprinting, toss the grenade such that it bounces over the corner house’s roof, thereby preventing the cross. After then, another squad member may hurl smoke to cover up the opening.

4.     New Car Molly

Ever before the Dust update, players have been known for using the new vehicle spot since it offers protection from players coming from A Long. Clearing this location is essential before capturing or retaking Bombsite A. A Long may be cleared with a Molotov or exploding grenade.

A CS:GO player may easily flush out the disguised player if they stand atop the long barrel and hurl a Molotov cocktail toward the new vehicle location. The player must leap into the air and hurl the Molotov cocktail before sitting back to enjoy the fireworks.

5.     Smoking Off CT Cross

Even if terrorists take A Long, they won’t be able to reach the A Site without first crossing the CT (counter-terrorist) spawn. It’s feasible to run the distance, but doing so is very dangerous. The angle holder, mostly from CT Spawn, has a large field of vision and can easily see everyone walking down the street. The video shows how to secure the cross by standing next to the barrels and releasing a flowing smoke.

6.     Towards A Long

Pathway leading from T (terrorist) spawn to A (arena) Site via an arch. In most cases, newer or more amateur players will rush to the scene without utilizing any explosives. However, a dry glimpse will get you fired immediately if you’re in a senior position or in a professional capacity.

Terrorists must first hurl a flashbang while racing from T Spawn to A Long so they can safely gaze at A Long without being seen by counter-terrorists. This best grenade spots dust 2 helps you see your opponent without flashing your teammates, setting you up for an easy move into A Long.

7.     The Long a Flash

Although smokers are great at obstructing the view of their opponents and staking up a strong position from which to exert control, this isn’t always enough. It’s not too difficult to see through the smoke for an extended period of time when playing CT.

Thus, they may be able to anticipate some of the future smokes, relocate, or just spam. Because of this, after using smoke grenades, it is recommended to follow up with flash grenades, which will temporarily blind your enemies. Plus, they’re fantastic in eco rounds when you need to make a break for it to A through long swiftly.

Flashes launched from below will fall in the same position as the long smoke and blind adversaries peering through the long doors. Walk around the automobile to the exterior and aim for the top of the wall behind the vehicle. The flashbang is most effective if you leap while releasing the smoke and immediately begin making your way toward the long doors.

8.     The B Entrance Smoke

Retaking the B site on Dust 2 is difficult if you don’t have more troops than the insurgents have. When retaking a site from CT, players will need to keep an eye on a number of different locations, and they need also be wary of the site’s entrance, where a lurking foe or two may be waiting for their chance to strike.

It’s ideal for smoking their eyes out so they can’t make a move while you check out the best grenade spots dust 2, or flush him out. Shoot towards the edge of the wooden crane’s central section while standing outside the window location. Toss the smoke bomb once you’re ready; it should go off in around two seconds.



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